Our Gracious Sponsors



The John and Susie Beatty Music Scholarship Competition would like to thank our gracious sponsors who provide valuable support to help make this endeavor a success for all, especially our young and talented musicians.

For 2016 they are:

  1. Bullet The International Conservatory of Music

  1. Bullet The DC Scottish Rite Foundation

  1. Bullet The Catholic University

  1. Bullet Middle C Music / Myrna Sislen

  1. Bullet D'Addario, Inc.

  1. Bullet Sibelius Guitar  / Gerard Charleza

  1. Bullet John and Susie Beatty

  1. Bullet James and Amy Cutts

  1. Bullet Carol and Chris Espinosa

  1. Bullet Thomas and Sandey Goodbody

  1. Bullet Art Kosatka

  1. Bullet Calvin Schnure

  1. Bullet Johnny Young

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