The Story behind the Beatty Competition Guitar Man

Guitar Man was the vision of guitarist Berta Rojas, who served for the first three years of the Beatty Competition as our Artistic Director.  The idea of using the guitar as an instrument to promote cultural appreciation is one she has taken to heart - she has dedicated her career to highlighting the beauty of her native Paraguay and the legacy of the great Paraguayan composer and guitarist Agustin Barrios. We have carried forward her vision, featuring three versions of Guitar Man used in annual rotation.

In the 2009 Competition, the Beatty Competition Guitar Man made his debut.  His tag line that year was “Instrument of Peace,” reflecting the many ways in which music bridges cultural divides. 

In 2010, Guitar Man featured the tagline “Instrument of Joy,” celebrating a goal of the Beatty Competition to foster love of music, joy in playing, and the fun of sharing passion for the guitar with other young people. 

In 2011, “Instrument of Harmony” Guitar Man joined the team.  The classical guitar is an amazing instrument that plays all voices concurrently, from the bass and rhythm to the lead, all in harmony. 

The Meaning of Guitar Man




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